Tuesday, 29 May 2012

My week in London

Sorry I haven't written for a while.

I have been in London and I haven't had a moment to myself!

So anyway, here's what I got up to....

We had a picnic with Aunty Jo in the sunshine
We went to get Mummy fitted into her wedding dress and sipped coffee in the posh cafe

I taught Grandma how to text

We took the tube to Selfridges to get some wedding gifts
We learnt how to be gangsta!

We went to a lebanese restaurant with Daddy and Grandma and had a huge platter

We had a nice day out for Aunty Amy's birthday. I wore my pretty dress from Great Grandma.

We wento to Jimmy Choo and I approved very much of Mummy's choice.

We went south of the river and met Mummy's and Grandma's friends Emily amd her baby Sophia, as well as Maggie and Phillis. We ate yummy italian food.

So all in all we had a lovely time and got up to lots of mischief.

We also had a visit to A&E as I caught a tummy bug and Mummy and Daddy were very worried about me. I'm fine now. But they're suffering a bit...oops!

Lots of Love

Elsie Beyre


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  1. Elsie you are just too cute and really should have your own column