Saturday, 12 May 2012


You will all be eggstremely proud of me.

Today I gobbled up my first bowl of scrambled egg. Mum has been trying to eggsperiment with different foods I may like. And she was eggsactly right today- not that scrambled egg is very eggsotic or eggstravagent! But it was simply eggceptional!

Now I can add egg to the list of things I eat without physical force from my parents. Egg, fruit and yoghurt, YAY. Eggcellent!

Tomorrow Mum must think of some more eggsamples of new foods I may like.

Big kiss

Elsie Beyre xx

ps. sorry for eggsaggerating on the 'egg' words. The only eggscuse I have is that I am just so eggcited I could eggspode!

Where's the eggsit?


  1. Eggcellent work Elsie ;)
    Going to let Imogen try this tomorrow to see if she will accept it as toast and banana are not a balanced diet
    Have a good sleep
    Ruth x

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  3. Dear Elsie Beyre
    Your eggsemplary and eggspressive tale of your scrambled egg eggsperience eggsclusive to your blog was eggsquisite and had me holding my now eggstensive sides till I was eggshausted with laughter.
    I will not eggsacerbate the situation to the point of eggasperation any longer but will eggspect further blogs in this eggsemplary formation. Keep up the eggsellent work.
    Granma xxx