Monday, 21 May 2012

Drs, Mexican and Coffee

Today mummy took me to see the doc to get some repeat prescritions for my special moisturiser. It's no Chanel, but it makes me look ever so young.

Then we went to bluewater to visit mums friend and her baby Ollie for some mexican food. Ollie is only a week older than me, but will be in the school year above me. He's nice.

Then we popped in to see Daddy at work. And then came home via Ruth's for coffee with Imogen and Edie (and Penny & Ruth of course).

And now I am exhausted, refusing my dinner and driving my Dad up the wall.

Bath, bottle and bed in a bit me thinks.

Night Night

Elsie Beyre


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  1. Dear Elsie

    I see Bluewater features quite often in your social calendar!