Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Asleep whilst drinking

Today I went swimming and this week me and mummy went underwater both together. I loved it. And mummy was wearing goggles so she could see me.

note to mummy - buy cooler goggles for next week.

I was so exhausted after swimming that when mummy was sipping her cappuccino with Penny and feeding me at the same time, I just dozed off. Now thank goodness I am asleep in my hammock whilst mum is going to fill her belly with some macaroni cheese. Needless to say, I'll be having that for dinner.

We love getting notes from Granma from Canada. It sounds like they are having lots of fun. Wish I could join you. Maybe one day Uncle Jono will take me skiing on the slopes. Mummy will have to kit me out with an all in one pink ski suit with matching accessories of course.

Anyway, must go, I'm not that great at sleep typing

Elsie Beyre


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  1. Dear Elsie

    Could you sneak a photo of the un-cool goggles?