Thursday, 10 May 2012

Angel Face

So, it has come apparent that mum finds it easy to let you all know what kind of arse I have been each day. But she does fail to tell you when I have been good. Granted, it's not that often, but this week I have been so deliciously amazing that mum has actually enjoyed spending time with me. She says it's been such a refreshing and brilliant week and she has felt so happy, and understands now what other mums are talking about when they say 'but it's all worth it though, isn't it!?'. So that's that then. I am VERY good. For now at least.

Today we had a very quick visit to London. We had a sarnie and a coffee with mums friend Thais, and then popped to the hospital for mum to have a check up. I was smiling and giggling all day and lots of strangers were telling mum how much of an angel face I was. I don't like them getting too close though. urgh.

Tomorrow we are taking my mate Imogen for her first swim. I will of course show off my aquatic skills to her, and she will gasp in amazement. You'll see.

Big kiss

Elsie Beyre


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