Tuesday, 24 April 2012


...mum took me to the doctors because quite frankly I need to shit more often. The lady said to my mum she needs to feed me water to see if that helps. We shall see. She also went to discuss my flat head. No one told mummy that if I always sleep in the same position I would get a flat head! So mum bought a posh pillow for me so I would have a nice round head.

Then we went to a new mother and baby group to try and make some friends. I have to say that mum is a bit of a snob because she keeps meeting chav mums in tracksuits and doesn't seem to want to see them again, even if they are her age with 5 kids. She needs to find a posh group!

This afternoon because I refuse to sleep in my bed mum is taking me for a walk.

Last week we spent a lot of time with Nana Babs and it was loads of fun. We miss grandma peace so much we wish she would come home from her holiday soon.

I have started to think about christmas presents for you all. Let me know if there is anything you fancy

Also welcome to the group Janine. Janine is mums auntie who lives in this place they call australia which I am told is quite far away. I can't wait to meet her I have heard lots of good things

All my love

Elsie x x

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