Tuesday, 24 April 2012


So my new nazi routine is working out well.
I have just had my second nap in my hammock today.
This morning mum and i went to a la leche league group and met some other mums. She quite liked the group and will go back again.
During my nap times, now that I don't just sleep in my pram, mum has time to eat, do house work, cook the tea, and even started thinking about her wedding. What were mum and dad thinking getting married so close to having me! Idiots! I think daddy should have proposed to mummy years ago and then we'd be doing it properly like the olden days, but we won't dwell on that too much!
In a minute I am going to wake up for some lunch so I best go..
check out my outfit in the picture: it is far too big and sometimes my head gets lost but its very snuggly during these cold days. If only we were with Nana Babs or auntie Janine in their exotic countries. Even great grandma Noonie is warmer and her country is just next door!
Big kiss
Elsie x


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