Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Check me out playing with a toy for the first time

Mum had to place it in my hand as I can't quite do that myself but I gave it a good shake and apparently that makes me quite clever!

Thank you Nana Babs for the nice outfits you sent in the post they are just delicious! And it was exciting getting a FedEx that doesn't happen too often.

Yesterday we went to see Santa. He was very busy at westfield shopping centre with lots of other children. It was very hot in his grotto I was keen to get out to be honest. Lots of kids in a close proximity rather freaks mum out and she said that I can see Santa another time. Perhaps grampa peace could dress up as Santa this year because let's face it we all know he doesn't actually exist. I'm not stupid you know! I will give him some nice whiskey if he does. Mum says he is very fond of the whiskey.

Can't wait to see you today grandma peace it has been too long!

All my love to you all

Elsie beyre

X x

Ps on my list to 'Santa' this year are toys I can play with with my hands. If you see him please let him know as I forgot to tell him yesterday


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