Wednesday, 25 April 2012

A letter to Great Grandma

Dear great grandma 

Mum told me how yesterday you visited a very special shop in the sky where you can trade your life for positive energy that goes back into the earth for everyone else. She said that you can only go to the special shop when you are ready and you have enjoyed a full and happy life. 

Mum said that you had a lot of positive energy to give back to the earth and you were a very special person, loved by lots of people - especially to daddy and grandad. 

I am so glad that I met you and we spoke about how you had your car taken off you. We spoke about that a lot of times and I enjoyed your story very much.

Mum says she will never forget you laughing when you arrived at your suprise 90th birthday and how you walked home with balloons tied to your walking stick!

We will miss you very very much and remember you always. 

Lots of love 

Elsie beyre 



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