Wednesday, 25 April 2012

I'm sorry...

that I haven't written for a while. Mum has a nasty cold and I am looking after her. 
Dad has been as a course all week to learn how to be a project manager in the big wide world. He has been revising all weekend for the exam tomorrow. 
This week I have mostly been eating my feet. I like to suck on my big toe the best. 
I have also been discovering new sounds. And I come out with the weirdest noises. Why can't mum just understand what I am going on about? She will learn!
I have also been eating lots of new foods. This week I ate parsnip, pear, apple and peas. I love pear the best! When mum feeds me I try so hard not to let any fall out of my mouth. But I let peas go everywhere. They are yuk! As soon as I am 6 months old mum says she will let me eat some meat and fish. And at 7 months I can have my first glass of wine. And boy do I need it! 
Love to all 
Elsie beyre x


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