Tuesday, 24 April 2012


So last night I slept from 1130 to 530.

According to Mum I am a very good girl.

Mum is so refreshed she feels WIRED!

And on top of that, I went down for my morning nap all on my own. Mum didn't even need to feed me.

Mum has been reading this book all about putting a baby into a strict routine. It's a bit of a nazi routine and every 15 minutes count so she's not that keen on doing it because it means she can't leave the house, but she is just testing it and so far it is working a little bit more every day.

Tonight we are going to London. We have to drive there according to the right times in my sleeping routine. Then tomorrow mummy is going to shop for a wedding dress whilst I spend some nice time with my daddy. I hope she finds a nice dress and doesn't get upset because her body is now looking a bit funny since I was in there!

I can't wait to see Auntie Jo on Saturday. If Auntie Amy is about on Saturday morning I wonder if she would like to come to brunch in Farringdon too?

All my love

Elsie xxx


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