Wednesday, 25 April 2012


me out in my wetsuit!

Today I went swimming in the morning with mummys new friend and my friend edie. she's well cool. 

Then we met daddy for lunch as the swimming pool is just around the corner. 

Then we popped to the shops to get me an avocado. Mum says that I can't just live on banana so she is trying expensive food because she thinks that I am that way inclined after I loved asparagus so much. But not as much as bananas. I love bananas. 

Then the health visitor lady came round to double check mum hadn't chucked me or herself out the window. She made a note in her little pad to say that she hadn't. 

Then daddy called to say he was making it home for bathtime! So I've got to go and get ready! Bye!

Elsie beyre 


Ps don't tell dad that when we went swimming today we brought all our bath toys with us for fun. But they ended up going down the filter. Pray for Carl the crab and Tommy the turtle x 

PPs I also got weighed today and I am 15lb 5oz! That's 6.9kg! Woop!x


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