Monday, 30 April 2012


I have the body to die for. What can I say, I have gorgeous parents!

Elsie Beyre x 

Saturday, 28 April 2012

What happens...

when mum lets me loose in Cath Kidston?

It's snot funny...

Today I am full of cold.

When I try to breath through my nose it doesn't let me. I am quite sad about this.

However, I would say that I still have a sense of humour despite being up to my eyeballs in snot because I'm at Granmas house and Auntie Amy is making a fuss of me!

We went to the Cath Kidston outlet factory and I was spoilt. I got my first handbag and a posh bib. The kids at playgroup will all want to be my friend now. Whether they like it or NOT!

Big kiss to you all.

Elsie Beyre


PS Can't wait to see Aunty Jo tomorrow and hear about her cake exhibition experience.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Stag Do!

Sorry  I haven't written for a while. 

I had a wild weekend in London. Mummy went to a wedding and aunty Amy looked after me. We had the best time and got up to lots of mischief! 

Daddy also had a wild weekend for his stag do. They dressed him up in a giant willy costume, whatever that is!? But he is back and alive and mummy is very happy about this. 

Lots of love 

Elsie beyre x


London Baby!

I like staying at granma and grampas flat because mum let's me help her with the cooking. 

Big day ahead of us tomorrow. Mum is going in to work to tell them she isn't going back. Truth is, she would like to on some level, but the cost of childcare is the same as her salary and she told me that she wasn't going to work for free! 

Wish us luck! (well mainly wish daddy luck that he gets a good job or wins the lottery!). If he does win the lottery we will get a massive big house that you can all stay in whenever you like! 



Rose Wine

Today I hung out with my friend imogen and her mummy. We then went for a swim with mummy in the afternoon. 
We visited daddy at the HQ for lunch and he told us some good news - he passed his exam on project management and we are so proud of him! 
Last night I didn't sleep too well in my big girls cot. I think I just get scared of all the space. Also when I bang my legs to make it move it doesn't so it will take a little time to get used to. 
Wish me luck tonight
Big kiss 
Elsie beyre x


Last night...

I slept from 730pm to 8am in my big girls cot!

Mum says that I am officially a little lady now instead of a baby and today we should all have a drink and toast my bed graduation!


Elsie beyre x



I'm a big girl now

Tonight is my first night in my big-girls cot. 
Wish me luck! 
Elsie Beyre x x


Thank you...

For my teething toy auntie amy. Since losing another Sophie and mum refusing to buy me another this one has been a very good replacement. 
Today mum tried to make me sleep in my big cot and not my hammock. But I'm not having any of that! I threw a fit for an hour until mum put me in my hammock. I fell asleep in seconds! That'll teach her! 
Mum and I are out having a coffee whilst the cleaner cleans our house. Not a bad life really!
Big kiss 
Elsie beyre x x 

PS check out my awesome bunny rabbit hand knitted jumper. amaze balls! X



Today Mummy and Daddy went to a huge antique fair in Newark and they bought me a couple of wicker chairs and a mini welsh dresser. 
Now I can play in my kitchen just like Mummy. 
Elsie Beyre


Walks with Grampa

The other day I went for a walk with Grandpa and it was just lovely. 
We went to feed the ducks but they weren't there :(
I am having a great time at Grandma and Grandpas and having Daddy home all week is amazing. 
Tomorrow mummy and daddy are off to an antique fair so Grandma and me are going to run riot!
Elsie Beyre

PS Auntie Jo we miss you. Please be careful of the baraccudas. x


Today mum and dad were so excited to see me after having their first night away without me!
Luckily I was left in the capable hands of grandma and Aunty amy and we had a lovely time!
Today we had a huge lunch with grandad Eyre and uncle Richard. yummy 
Big kiss 
Elsie beyre x 

PS not best pleased that mum wouldnt let me eat my easter egg that grandpa bought me. And don't think I didn't see her scoffing it all herself! Hmph x



This morning I favoured carrot and parsnip over banana for breakfast. 

Mum, keep up!

Elsie beyre x


Funerals and Hats

Today apart from receiving a postcard and alpaca hat from mums friend in Argentina we went to my great grandmas funeral. 
It was a beautiful service and it was wonderful to meet lots more of my Eyre family. 
Thank you grandad for putting on a brilliant send off! 
Big hugs
All my love 
Elsie beyre x 



Today Mummy treated me to shopping and lunch! 

Elsie beyre x x 


All grown up...

Today Mum wonders where her baby has gone!

Elsie beyre x 


My first toothbrush...

Today I brushed my teeth for the very first time. 
It was YUMMY! 
Bathtime is just so exciting...I now splash about so wildly that mum can't keep me down I just slip right out of her hands. I love it!
Big Kiss
Elsie Beyre


Sit up...

I can like totally sit up on my own now!

Ooh get me x



Mum took me to a shop and pushed me around in a very ugly looking push chair. 

I am very much looking forward to lunch with grandad this afternoon. 


Elsie beyre x


Impressing the Boys

I dressed up in my new outfit as my friend Jack has come to visit. 

I give it a big thumbs up! 

Big kiss 

Elsie beyre 


PS off to go swimming. He will definitely be impressed by my underwater skills



This is me and my mate Imogen at the cafe in the woods.
Auntie Amy was feeding me and obviously that was hilarious!


Auntie Amy

Today my auntie Amy came to stay and we went for a long walk in the woods. 
It was loads of fun weaving inbetween all the trees and meeting lots of dogs. 
Now we are back and after a little snooze I am catching up on some day time TV whilst mum is making my tea. 
This is the life!
Elsie beyre 




Today  I spent all afternoon in the pub with mum, dad, grandad and auntie Jo. 

Now look at the state of me! 

Big love

Elsie beyre 



Messy Situation

Today I ate pasta for the first time. 

It was a messy situation 

Elsie beyre x


A letter to Great Grandma

Dear great grandma 

Mum told me how yesterday you visited a very special shop in the sky where you can trade your life for positive energy that goes back into the earth for everyone else. She said that you can only go to the special shop when you are ready and you have enjoyed a full and happy life. 

Mum said that you had a lot of positive energy to give back to the earth and you were a very special person, loved by lots of people - especially to daddy and grandad. 

I am so glad that I met you and we spoke about how you had your car taken off you. We spoke about that a lot of times and I enjoyed your story very much.

Mum says she will never forget you laughing when you arrived at your suprise 90th birthday and how you walked home with balloons tied to your walking stick!

We will miss you very very much and remember you always. 

Lots of love 

Elsie beyre 



I have...

something very important I want to say to you all. 
Listen up...
Elsie Beyre x


I'm in the pub...

They didn't even ID me!




Mother's Day

Today I had a lovely mothers day at a posh pub with my mum and my grandmum, auntie, daddy and grampa. It was lovely! 

I also wanted to show you how well I sit now. Check it out. I last about 20 seconds before I faceplant the floor. 

We also went to see great grandma Eyre who is not feeling very well so we are sending her lots of well wishes. 

We are currently skyping grandma Eyre so I must go so I can concentrate

Goodness all these grandparents I am getting confused!

Love you all though!
Big kisses 

Elsie beyre x



I hung out in a box.
And visited Dad's work and saw the big band play in the rain. 
Looking forward to Mother's Day tomorrow xx



are you lot having for breakfast?

I am having banana on toast. 

Today mummys friend is coming for the day. She has a baby in her belly so mum has told me to behave today so I dont scare her! We shall see! 

My latest thing is throwing. Its funny to see how far things will fly. Roast vegetables, spoons, toys, mums phone. Anything really. I especially like to throw things that stick to walls. Mostly orange things that stain the rented walls, they are the best!

All my love 

Elsie beyre x



I went to swimming class and now mum is chatting nonsense to her friend over coffee whilst I have to just wait here until she is finished! 

I'm quite grumpy about that!

Elsie beyre x



we have 2 success stories to divulge. 

1. I ate a whole mango and bloody loved it!

2. I ate some chicken puree out of a jar. 

This tells us that it isn't meat I don't like, but its mums cooking!

Tomorrow we are going to a cooking class in the morning so mum can be a better cook. Even daddy might benefit from this one. 

Mum wonders at what point did she sign up to be a housewife. She can't remember!

Big love 

Elsie beyre 

Ps loved hanging out with my auntie amy and Jo this weekend.



legs are getting very strong. 

Mum reckons I won't crawl because i refuse to go on my front and instead I will go straight into walking! 

This weekend I have had a lovely time with mum and dad. Yesterday mum went to a hen party and dad took me to a rooftop bbq with the lads. I had a couple of beers but that was it. 

Good times 

Elsie beyre x



I am exhausted! 

I have spent all day looking for suits and ties for daddy. 

On our way home now 

Big kiss 

Elsie beyre x



I had a lovely day out with auntie Amy and mum 

We went for lunch with some of mums old mates. I ate so much my belly I hanging over my jeans! 

can't wait to see you tomorrow auntie Jo 

Elsie beyre x



Yet again I was the best swimmer in the class! I swam under water no problem and kicked my legs! I'm not sure what all the fuss is about! I can't wait for auntie Jo to take me to see the fishes. The only thing I couldn't get the hang of was swimming on my back because I would rather suck my toes. 

Then mum took me to a first aid class where I saw her kissing a man with no arms or legs! Don't tell daddy though!

Then we posted the wedding invites. So watch out for your one in your post box!

Anyhoo must dash. I have some more bouncing to be getting on with 

Elsie beyre x


Have I...

got something on my face?

Today I ate cheese and I didn't die!

Mum is happy about that! She says a life without cheese is no life at all 

Elsie beyre x



I am 0.5 years old!

So don't mess... 




I had my first day on my own with dad. Mum had to go on a speed awareness course as she was naughty. She felt weird walking out the door without a baby in tow. She says its like not having an arm! 
I had a lovely time with daddy we should do it again sometime 
Elsie beyre 



Mummy drove us to walthamstow where we had lunch with all my mates. 
To be honest I was a complete pain in the arse and mum is very much looking forward to my bed time right now. 
Good times 
Elsie beyre x 


Hahaha look at Auntie Jo...

She's Peter Pan!



me out in my wetsuit!

Today I went swimming in the morning with mummys new friend and my friend edie. she's well cool. 

Then we met daddy for lunch as the swimming pool is just around the corner. 

Then we popped to the shops to get me an avocado. Mum says that I can't just live on banana so she is trying expensive food because she thinks that I am that way inclined after I loved asparagus so much. But not as much as bananas. I love bananas. 

Then the health visitor lady came round to double check mum hadn't chucked me or herself out the window. She made a note in her little pad to say that she hadn't. 

Then daddy called to say he was making it home for bathtime! So I've got to go and get ready! Bye!

Elsie beyre 


Ps don't tell dad that when we went swimming today we brought all our bath toys with us for fun. But they ended up going down the filter. Pray for Carl the crab and Tommy the turtle x 

PPs I also got weighed today and I am 15lb 5oz! That's 6.9kg! Woop!x