Monday, 31 December 2012

Great grandma slob

Today we had lunch with my lovely great Grandma Sloboznian.

I had a lovely time pulling off all her china ornaments from her shelves and eating ferrero rocher chocolates. Yum yummer

We're off to stay in a cottage near Woodstock for a few days.

How lovely!

Elsie Beyre x


Today we fed the horses on the estate some carrots. Daddy was scared thy might bite his hand off but they were very friendly and I loved it.
The weather is so rubbish that tomorrow we are activating our wet weather plan and we are off to Banbury to a soft play area. Not until after pancakes for breakfast though (not that I would eat them as I only eat food that I can squeeze directly into my mouth). Mum hopes I will grow out of this before I start school. That's the aim!
Elsie Beyre

Friday, 28 December 2012

Wrong side of the bed...

We're staying at mums bosses house for a few days. It's a lovely country cottage on Kiddington estate near Woodstock, Oxford.
Today we visited the horses I loved it! I wasn't scared like I was with the goats on Kent life farm.
Mum and dad have been watching box sets and mums been having lots of baths and generally catching up on her personal hygiene.
We didn't bring a travel cot so mum put a single mattress on the floor. Only thing is, I'm used to there being barriers to stop me falling out...

Thursday, 27 December 2012

More Christmassy photos....

Here's some more photos from the big event...

Thank you so much everyone for my delicious presents. I have been spoilt rotten. Next year mummy says that I will not get spoilt like this again and I'm not to get used to it. Whatever mum!

Elsie Beyre


My first photo...

This is my first photo I've ever taken. Subject matter: myself.

Elsie beyre


Auntie Jo

Came to see me at granma and grampas house. She brought me a pet doggy which I am supposed to walk regularly but mostly I like to hold him.
Thank you so much auntie Jo
And your chocs were yum yum yum
Elsie beyre x x

Friday, 21 December 2012


Daddy arranged for me to go and see Father Christmas. Apparently he was having a break at the local Gardening Centre - a bit weird we thought, but we went along with it! The grotto was magical...but I was really less than impressed. I've been in a pretty shitty mood for days now and Mum is at the end of her TETHER!
Although, this picture makes me look like an angel, so we chose this one.
Can't wait to see lots of you tomorrow!
Today Mummy took me to Rhyme Time at the local library in Weybridge. I had a lovely time and I was completely adorable for the whole half hour. Mum couldn't believe her luck. She didn't make any friends although she did groom a couple of nice looking people. Nobody looked as fun as Auntie Ruth or Auntie Penny though....sob sob
Lots of Love
Elsie Beyre xx


Tuesday, 18 December 2012


Mummy didn't make it home and is very angry.

See you tomorrow mummy for big huge cuddles. I love you very much


PPS granma And grampa I really hope you are enjoying your lie ins. Don't get too used to them I am back in a few days x

Whilst mummy sits in train traffic...

...desperate to tuck me in after not seeing me for 10 days, I am happy riding my snail before bedtime....

I hope the train moves along soon mummy

Elsie beyre


Ps mummy's phone battery is nearly out so I will see you when I see you x x

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Moving house (again)...

Today mummy and daddy moved house. I like moving house because it means I get to stay with grandma and grampa. It's been like a holiday, especially as auntie Amy and uncle ed have come to visit. Tomorrow i'll try my hardest to sleep past 6am but I promise nothing!
Thanks grandma for my 7 fish fingers tonight. I'm stuffed!
Meanwhile mummy is eating cereal with a salad spoon. In the words of my darling auntie penny "flatware is overrated"
Elsie beyre x x
Ps grandma please send mummy some pictures as 10 days is a long time to go without seeing my scrummy face

Monday, 10 December 2012


I went 'shopping' to the pantry with my new purse....

I picked up a few canned goods and a some cereal.

Elsie beyre x x

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Guess what...

So not only did daddy make THE best lasagne ever!! It even rivals grandmas! But guess who takes front cover of the ever so popular NCT magazine xmas special!! Total readership 3.
Mummy even wrote an article too!

I also walked a lap of the house all by my own. I've only been walking for 3 days but I'll take you all on in a race!!

Elsie beyre x x

Tuesday, 4 December 2012


Daddy also took me shopping to Morrisons. Oh the glamour..,,

Oooh new shoes?

Today daddy took me shoe that I'm walking and all...

We had a lovely time and we chose a purple pair. Edie Imogen and I all have the same first shoes now! I am a size 3f. But they say you need to come back in 6-8 weeks to get some more as my feet grow so fast!!

They wanted to take my picture for this silly 'first shoes' thing. It's all marketing bollocks that's what I say. Anyway you can tell from the photo that's what I though!

Elsie beyre xx

Sunday, 2 December 2012

A woman's place is not....

Mummy and Daddy took me to Monkey Bizz and I cooked up a storm!!

E xx

One small step for man...

One giant leap for ELSIE!!!

My first (second) steps caught on camera! 

Love to all

Elsie Beyre xxx

Saturday, 1 December 2012

This year Christmas has come early...

I frickin' LOVE my new car seat. It literally cannot be more entertaining!

Now we just need to get one for the car!

Thanks Nana Babs x x x

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Monkey Bizz

Yesterday mummy and Ruth took Imogen and I to the dreaded House of Diseases that is Monkey Bizz!

We had loads of fun and I especially enjoyed this fun wall.

Have a lovely weekend

Elsie beyre